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“True visionaries who absorb and interpret culture and design rather than just echo the latest trends”

- Barry Sternlicht

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Company Bio

“Just as a Barcelona Pavilion came with its Barcelona Chair, or a Brno House came with its Brno Chair, there is not a single aspect of a space – a new chair, a new lighting treatment, new seating banquettes – that Studio GAIA has not tried to readdress in one way or another, in order to shape the collective experience”

– Andrew Yang

Our style has become a philosophy that creates a strong reaction and an emotional exuberance through bright, vivid colors and strong visual statements. In every detail and facet, our projects encompass travel, discovery, and surprise - the geometries evoke movement. At Studio GAIA, we continually seek clients with whom we can explore the possibilities of architecture and design while challenging the conventions of a genre, be it hotels, restaurants or retail projects. By focusing on our passion and the creative potential of our work, we continue to thrive as designers and human beings.

Ilan Waisbrod Bio

"It is my deep belief that design is an act of invention. I believe that its real task begins once functional and behavioral needs have been satisfied. It is not hunger, but love and fear, and sometimes the wonder, which allows us to create. Our milieu may change from generation to generation, but the task, I believe, remains the same: to give poetic form to the programmatic"

- Ilan Waisbrod

Acquiring invaluable experience from the Politecnico di Milano School of Architecture in several specialty areas of design from lighting through interior design, Ilan Waisbrod has brought his deep passion, combined with the knowledge he absorbed through his studies to build a solid foundation for Studio GAIA’s philosophy of ‘interior architecture’.

Gaining a variety of experience in the New York hospitality scene, Ilan has collaborated with well known industry names from the 90’s and has carved out his mark beginning with the New York hospitality scene, then took international projects by a storm branching out Studio GAIA’s aesthetics and understanding of lifestyle establishments from Mexico to Seoul, circling back to Tel Aviv, his native home. Ilan’s signature touches are apparent and continue to be sought after international destinations, luring the crowd’s attention to do just what the spaces are supposed to do – maximize the human sensory to enjoy the surroundings created.

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